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We Can't Wait
to Meet You

Let our journey together begin.

Step One

Preview our Stylists page to get to know us, our skills,

and how we can serve you.

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Step Two

To book an appointment with one of our stylists please call and speak with one of our Salon Coordinators

Marc Stephens Salon staff

Step Three

Arrive feeling relaxed and confident, and walk away feeling like your best self. We can’t wait to meet you!

Marc Stephens Salon

If you have any questions about booking your first appointment please contact us

The Pre-Visit


You've booked your what? 

Here are three ideas to prepare for your first visit at Marc Stephens Salon. 

~Look up reference photos. 2-3 photos are best to help communicate to your stylist what you are wanting to achieve. 

~Check out your stylist's social media

~Prep your hair for your stylist by shampooing the day before or day of and arriving to your appointment with dry hair.

Marc Stephens Salon
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The Consultation

We are so excited to hear about your ideas!

For your consultation, your stylist may ask you the following questions:

~"Do you have any photos of the look you're trying to achieve today?"


~"How do you typically style your hair? Does your goal align with your lifestyle or do we need to adjust anything?"


~"Here is what the maintenance will look like with this hairstyle/cut/color. Does this sound okay to you?"


~"What products/styling tools are you currently using at home? We may want to add something to your current regimen to help you achieve your desired look."


~"Is your goal achievable today or do we need to create a plan for multiple sessions?"

After Goodbye

We want to know about your experience at Marc Stephens Salon!

How do your like your new hair? Did it meet your expectation? Did you connect with your stylist?

Please leave us a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

Marc Stephens Salon
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